KCIF is 100% run by Christians who love Jesus.  Their desire is to broadcast the Gospel to those in need.  There are many who will not attend church but will listen to KCIF.

Your entire contribution will be used to keep KCIF on the air.  None goes to some company on the Mainland. Our bills are the same as any other Christian station; rent, electricity, office supplies, etc. This statiion belongs to the people of Hilo & Puna. 
Your contribution will enable KCIF to fund this awesome operation. Thank you for your generosity, and thank you volunteers!  You may send your check to KCIF, Post Office Box 1066,  Hilo, HI 96721 or click on the tab below and donate with your credit card.


KCIF Radio 90.3
180 Kinoole St. #310, Hilo HI 96720
Ph. (808) 935-07434, Fax (808) 961-6022